A surgical drain is a tube used to remove pus, blood or other fluids from a wound. They are commonly placed by surgeons or interventional radiologists. Drains inserted after surgery do not result in faster wound healing or prevent infection but are sometimes necessary to drain body fluid which may accumulate and in itself become a focus of infection. The routine use of drains for surgical procedures is diminishing as better radiological investigation and confidence in surgical technique have reduced their necessity.


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  • Used for efficient post operative drainage of closed internal wounds to prevent infection or hematoma. It can used for prolong suctioning.
  • Large below chamber of 600 ml provides long lasting suction.
  • Complete with all necessary fittings, curved needles, clamps, drainage tubes, connectors, hang – up devices and connections.
  • Perforated wound drainage tune is made from non-toxic,non–irritant medical grade PVC with radio opaque line for X-Ray verification of position.
  • Sterility guaranteed for five years if stored under proper conditions and package is undamaged and unopened.
  • Sterile by E.O ready for use.
  • Capacity : 600 ml.
  • Produced in wide range of different sizes : 10, 12 , 14 , 16 , 18 Fr.

ordering information

Order Code Description Size (Fr.) Length(Cm) Master Box Latex
HEV10 Hemovac Driage Set 10 120+50 40 NO
HEV12 Hemovac Driage Set 12 120+50 40 NO
HEV14 Hemovac Driage Set 14 120+50 40 NO
HEV16 Hemovac Driage Set 16 120+50 40 NO
HEV18 Hemovac Driage Set 18 120+50 40 NO