Treatments and conditions / Thoracic catheter

How to remove air or liquid from chest?

Some substances such as air, blood, pus, and liquids accumulate in the lungs in certain pathological conditions, causing pressure on the lungs and disturbing breathing. Gohar Shafa “straight thoracic catheter is used to drain areas related to the lungs. Also, this tube is used to drain blood and other secretions during procedures such as “open-heart surgery“. Gohar Shafa straight thoracic catheter” is designed in two forms: the blue radiopaque line for open-heart surgery and the gray radiopaque line for lung surgery.

Placement method

Fluid or air in the chest that needs to be drained is detected using chest imaging, such as an X-ray, ultrasound, or CT scan. The patient’s position depends on factors such as the location of air and fluid accumulation in the lungs and the patient’s medical condition. The patient’s skin is disinfected with an antiseptic liquid. A local anesthetic is injected into the skin and tissue between the ribs below the insertion site. With an incision suitable for the size of the” chest tube”, it is inserted slowly into the body to drain the liquid or air in the chest through.