Phthalates are chemicals for lubricants or plasticizers, that have been used for years to soften plastics such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Because phthalates do not form a chemical bond with plastics, they are constantly released from the plastic to the air, food, or liquids. Many medical devices such as catheters or IV devices are made of PVC and can be introduced into stored fluids such as blood,plasma, and intravenous fluids.

Unfortunately, phthalates may cause infertility, obesity, diabetes, and cancer. For  this reason, phthalates have been restrained by the FDA.

The researches show that phthalate exposure enhances the metastasis of cancer cells and increase the drug resistance of chemotherapeutic drug resistance.

Therefore, “phthalate-free sets” are used to inject chemotherapy drugs, and Gohar Shafa company has the honor of producing this product exclusively in Iran.

Filtration is also one of the requirements for the injection of some chemotherapy drugs, therefore Gohar Shafa company offers “phthalate-free injection sets with filters as well as “without filters”.

In the following, the necessary information is provided to choose the proper filters for different chemical drugs.