Aortic Root Cannula

Aortic Root Cannula
Gohar Shafa aortic root cannula is used to administer cardioplegia solutions for the cardiopulmonary bypass procedure. Aortic root cannula with vent line is proposed for cardioplegia solutions administration, the left .heart venting, and aspirating emboli from the aorta


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  • Transparent and flexible lumen
  • Superior flow rate

  • Flexible, flanged PVC tip (non-traumatic to the aorta)

  • Center vented needle to help the control blood flow

  • Sharp stainless steel introducer needle for easy insertion

Available Sizes

کدسفارش کالا توضیحات فشار (PSI) طول-سانتیمتر (In) جعبه کارتن لاتکس