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Cardioplegia is a pharmacological therapy administered during cardiac surgery to intentionally and temporarily arrest the heart. The first solution used during cardiopulmonary bypass was reported by Dr. Melrose in the early 1950s, who identified that high levels of potassium citrate induced a reversible cardiac arrest.

Angiographic Guidewire Gohar Shafa angiographic guidewire is used to gain access and pass instrumentation during diagnostic and interventional Procedures. Specifically, it guides catheters and angioplasty tools, including stents, balloons, etc., in the patient's vessels.


Hand Controller Kit

Hand Controller Kit The Gohar Shafa angiographic hand controller kit facilitates instantaneous injection and it has responsive control of flow rate and volume of radiopaque contrast media for angiographic procedures, etc.

For use during angiography or interventional procedures as a conduit to transmit contrast media.


J-Tip Guid Wire

Gaining access and passing instrumentation during diagnostic and interventional Procedures.


Seldinger Needle

A method of percutaneous insertion of a catheter into a blood vessel or space. A needle is used to puncture the structure and a guide wire is threaded through the needle; when the needle is withdrawn, a catheter is threaded over the wire; the wire is then withdrawn, leaving the catheter in place.

Chest Tube Discharg The Pleural Area Gohar Shafa Chest tubes has been designed and produced in cone shape in distal end so there is no need to use a connector to connect the tubes to chest bottle or any other means.