J-Tip Guid Wire

Gaining access and passing instrumentation during diagnostic and interventional Procedures.


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  • Made of best stainless steel grade with pre-coated PTFE technology.
  • Pre coated PTFE guidewires are smoother, consistent coverage that resists flaking.
  • Precise J-tip shape.
  • Offered in ring shape dispenser for ease of operation.
  • With protective sheath which prevent the guidewire from possible damages during handling and transportation.
  • Fully rounded tip of guidewire promotes easier navigating in vessels and prevent and damage to them.
  • Our guidewire has a uniform PTFE coat and tight tolerance in production to ensure catheter and sheath compatibility.
  • Available in following sizes and lengths.
  • 1:1 torque ratio from tip to the end of guidewire.
  • sterilized by ETO.

Ordering Information

J-Tip Guid Wire Order Code Coated Diameter Length(Cm) Box Master Box
J-Tip Guid Wire PJTGW3mm PTFE 0.032 150 100 NO
J-Tip Guid Wire PJTGW3mm PTFE 0.035 150 100 NO
J-Tip Guid Wire PJTGW3mm PTFE 0.038 150 100 NO
J-Tip Guid Wire PJTGW1.5mm PTFE 0.035 260 100 NO