Seldinger Needle

A method of percutaneous insertion of a catheter into a blood vessel or space. A needle is used to puncture the structure and a guide wire is threaded through the needle; when the needle is withdrawn, a catheter is threaded over the wire; the wire is then withdrawn, leaving the catheter in place.


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  • Made from superior 304 stainless steel.
  • Clear cannula hub allows for instant backflow visualization.
  • Hub shape design allow the use safe and secure operation.
  • extra-sharp needle point helps reduce tissue drag.
  • T- Ultra-thin wall cannula.
  • Detachable hub wing provides more control for the whole procedure.

ordering information

Seldinger Needle Order Code Diameter Length(mm) Box Master Box
Seldinger Needle SENE 1870 18G 70mm 100 800